Our Winner!!!

I apologize for the delay in announcing our winner.  I’ll have a post up soon explaining that a bit.

At any rate, our winner is……..

Commenter #2:  LARA!!!!!!!  Lara’s a follower and a regular commenter (I big fat heart comments!) so I was thrilled when the random number generator picked her!  She also has a great blog here so go and check her out!

I’ve already contacted Lara and gotten her mailing address so the giftcard will go out on Thursdays.

Congratulations Lara!  And thank you to everyone who participated in this little giveaway.  It was so much fun seeing the comments come in!  Oh and WELCOME to our new readers!!!! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone and there’ll be another post in a little while.


A great giveaway out there…

I have a few posts coming up! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Flax & Spindle is having an awesome giveaway right now. But it ends tomorrow so you need to go now.

There’s a beautiful apron, awesome soy candles and a set of vintage place mats up for grabs. Darlene’s got beautiful stuff too and there’s tons of inspiration.

Go check it out and good luck!


A Cool Giveaway for Chicken Owners! And a New Blog!

I try not to take too much advantage of you guys but I have to try for this one!

My buddy from It’s a Slow Learning Curve turned me on to this contest. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this blog before! I’m so disappointed in myself.

GeorgiaFarmWoman (Life on A Southern Farm) is giving away a Chicken Nest Box. Yall know that our chicks are fast outgrowing their little home and that we’re supposed to be finishing our coop. Hunter’s built me some nest boxes but these are SWEET. So, check out her blog and check out HenPals Nest Boxes for more information, prices and pictures of cute chicks!

Maybe I’ll win! Thanks C for letting me know!

(And hopefully I’ll have a store trip post and some various other ramblings this weekend!)

Because I NEED a makeover…

Sorry ladies but I need this one! One of my favorite blogs, Pink and Polka Dot is having a giveaway! I have to try. Her graphic designer, Carrie, from Sweet Fairie Designs,

is giving away a blog revamp. Heaven knows I could use some help as I can’t seem to figure things out! I want to make it pretty and streamlined but I don’t have the time or energy to play with things….

If you’ve got a blog, check out Sweet Fairie Designs and really, seriously check out Pink and Polka Dot. There’s tons of great ideas on her blog! Yall realize that I’m decreasing my chances by tellling yall about this, right??